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LATEST NEWS:   “Both Hurt and Kim show a deep understanding of city issues and a willingness to work hard in the community to make sure all points of view are represented and included — whether it comes to traffic on Ralston Avenue, how to best address the city’s streets, how to keep the city financially strong and ensuring that the community remains both village-like and balanced in its quest to have a place for both older residents, young families and anyone else who seeks to make the city their home while also maintaining the city for the middle-class families who have also long called it their home. By doing their homework and listening to all sides, both Hurt and Kim have proven to be strong candidates and should also prove to be effective and successful members of the Belmont City Council.”  FULL ARTICLE AT… Editorial: Hurt, Kim for Belmont City Council 9.22.15  

Davina for Belmont

The Choice is Clear

cc2015- WALKER KICKOFF Flyer event 2 sept 12 and 13

cc2015- WALKER KICKOFF Flyer

DH Kick Off Invitation 3 (smaller)


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August 14th at 5:30 p.m.