We Support Davina for Belmont City Council!

Belmont City Council is a non-partisan elected office. Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated voters, along with former City Council members of all stripes, are demonstrating non-partisanship by supporting Davina Hurt for City Council. Join them in electing a council member who will bring people together and get things done.

FrontWEBPAGE_02-1 LATEST: Thank you San Mateo Daily Journal for your endorsement.  

Elected and Appointed Officials
Anna G. Eshoo, United States Congresswoman of California, 
18th District
Jackie Speier, United States Congresswoman of California, 14th District
Jerry Hill- California State Senator, 13th District
Kevin Mullin- Speaker Pro Tempore, California Assemblymember, 22nd District
Carole Groom- County of San Mateo Board of Supervisors, 2nd District
Dave Pine- County of San Mateo Board of Supervisors, 1st District
David Braunstein- Mayor, Belmont City Council Member
Cathy Wright- Belmont City Council Member & BRSSD Trustee (former)
Warren Lieberman- Belmont City Council Member
Charles Stone- Belmont City Council Member
Eric Reed- Vice-Mayor, Belmont City Council Member
David Bauer- Belmont City Council Member (former)
Steve Simpson- Belmont Planning Commissioner
Julia Mates- Belmont Planning Commissioner
Amy Goldfarb- Belmont Planning Commissioner
Kerry MacDonald- Belmont Planning Commissioner
Tom McCune- Belmont Planning Commissioner
Brian Matthews- Belmont Redwood Shores School District Trustee (former)
Maureen Freschet- Mayor, San Mateo Council Member
Rick Bonilla- San Mateo City Council Member
Joe Goethals- San Mateo City Council Member
Marc Berman- Palo Alto City Council Member
Cory Wolbach- Palo Alto City Council Member
Ron Collins- Mayor, San Carlos City Council
Cameron Johnson- Vice Mayor, San Carlos City Council
John Seybert- Redwood City Council Member
Alicia Aguirre- Redwood City Council Member
Jim Thurber- Mayor, Los Altos City Council Member (former)

Robert Tashjian- Belmont-Redwood Shores School District Board of Trustee
Charles “Chuck” Velschow- Belmont Redwood Shores School District Board of Trustees

Community Members
Matthias Hausner
Marit Hsich
Steve Hsich
Pamela Clarke
Dave Toole
Audra Toole
Wendy Garrish
John Garrish
Jessica Stone
Laura Peterhans
Michael Peterhans
Kimberly Dunne
Mike Dunne
Mary Morrissey Parden
Cheryl Selman
Jeffrey Selman
Stephanie Vargas
Eric Lee
John Ozmert
Jennifer Rowland
Barry Rowland
Alyse Tognotti
Dave Tognotti
Alanna Shaw-Filippi
Nicole Fernandez
Emy Thurber
George Burgess
Karen Shane
Robin Bennett
Nancy Wallacher
Claus Wallacher
Michael P. Arase-Barham
Kevin Sullivan
Warren C. Gibson
Chris Keller
Carmen Lee
Matt Kerby
Michelle Kerby
Patricia Hayes
Huan Phan
Diane Furlan
Pat Braunstein 

Community Organizations
San Mateo County Fire Fighters- International Association of Fire Fighters L2400
San Mateo Labor Council
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees- AFL-CIO Local 829
San Mateo County Association of Realtors
San Mateo County Democratic Party
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 856
Peninsula Democratic Coalition
Building and Construction Trades Council of San Mateo County
California Apartment Association, Tri-County Division
Peninsula Young Democrats

Press Endorsement
The San Mateo Daily Journal

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