Why I'm Running

Why I’m Running

Belmont is a community of active citizens and working families who take pride in their community. We have excellent schools, a temperate climate, active neighborhood associations, diverse recreational programs, safe neighborhoods and beautiful open spaces. And we can be even better! Improving the quality of life for everyone in Belmont should be our common goal. We can talk less about restrictions and laws and more about individual potential and community achievement.

I have a strong call to public service knowing that the best way to improve our local system of government is to join it and pitch in.

I am running for City Council to enhance government responsiveness and transparency, make public spaces more inviting, preserve and strengthen our neighborhoods and schools, strengthen infrastructure, and welcome new businesses and entrepreneurs.

With public experience and professional accomplishments, I am well-qualified to set the right priorities for the City of Belmont and effectively solve problems with all community members for a prosperous future.  I plan to:

  • define and implement innovative solutions to traffic, transportation and parking issues;
  • create a fresh, modern vision to a vibrant town center where all members of the community can come together;
  • promote economic development by supporting existing businesses and attracting new businesses;
  • make our public spaces more useful and efficient;
  • foster liberty and freedoms in our everyday lives and be respectful of the entire community;
  • inspire and encourage all generations to take part in local public service side by side;
  • support public safety measures and first responders.

When individuals and families thrive, Belmont succeeds.

I look forward to going to work for you!